The very first one…….

I am very nervous about doing this, I am not a natural writer!  My youngest daughter has just launched her new business, Pooches Unleashed, walking dogs for people who have to leave them at home for whatever reason, she has also just adopted a retired racing greyhound straight from the kennels.

Thunder Blackie needs clothes, indoor and outdoor, to keep him warm and dry, as the weather turns colder.  I have decided that not only will I make these for Blackie but I will also make one off designs, with a ‘Pooches Unleashed’ label, for sale to selected customers.  I would hope that eventually I can progress this into a business that will run alongside my daughter’s and help her business to thrive.

Ok…… I am not a natural designer, or seamstress, either!  I have just created the first raincoat for Blackie, waterproof with a soft fleece lining, all hand sewn, and now waiting for the final measurements so that I can add the fasteners.  I am very pleased with it, I would have been happier if my sewing machine had been set up and I had a proper work space but, for this one, it wasn’t to be.


I thought I would do a blog so that I can share my experience with others and hopefully give them the confidence that they can do this too, if I can anybody can!  I would also like to share some of my day to day life too and I hope you don’t find me too boring. This will be the start of a journey for me, a way to put my health problems away for good and take control of my life again.  I will update my progress on that too, in the hope that my own experience may help others.

So…here goes, here is my blog, I hope you like it and will check back regularly for my updates.



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